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Summer Isn’t So Sweet with These Common Dental Health Issues

pediatric dentist Summer is one of the best times of the year. Not only are spirits high but there are plenty of activities and treats to indulge in throughout the season. If you're a parent, however, you should pay especially close attention to your child's oral health. Summer is a season of health but it's also known for more than a few sweet treats. When you're aware of the following common dental health issu Learn More

What Common Dental Issues Do Teens Experience?

childrens dentists Maintaining a healthy smile is more than just remembering to brush twice per day, especially when it comes to the smiles of teenagers. Amidst the ups and downs that come with raising a young adult, there are a number of dental changes that will occur at this transitional age. Though many of these oral health issues are the result of poor dental hygiene, far more are the result of factors outside o Learn More

3 Drinks with Hidden Dangers to Keep Away From Your Kids

pediatric dentists It's well-known that sugary drinks and foods can harm your child's teeth, but what about supposedly healthy options? Many drinks and foods contain hidden dangers that can hurt your child's teeth. Steer clear of these "healthy" drinks when you want to ensure your child's oral health remains strong. Bottled water Even though water is great for your body, you should be careful regarding whic Learn More