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4 Tips to Protect Your Child’s Teeth This Holiday Season

December is finally here, and the holiday season is right around the corner. While the holidays are typically filled with family fun and beautiful lights, they're also often filled with a lot of sugar. From chocolate gelt and sufganiyot to chocolate Santas and candy canes, many kids this season will be putting their teeth through the wringer. To help you keep your child's teeth safe from the ba Learn More

5 Things Your Pediatric Dentist Is Looking For During Your Check-Up

According to the CDC, it's recommended that your child brushes their teeth twice a day and that they visit the dentist at least once every six months. The reason for that six-month check-up isn't just for a cleaning. While it's true that only a pediatric dentist can remove tartar from your child's teeth, your pediatric dentist is doing far more during your child's dental exam than making sure your Learn More

Dental Tips For Teens: A Brief Guide to Teenage Oral Health

As a parent, you probably know how important your child's oral care is to their overall health. But as your child grows up and becomes a bit more independent, you might not pay as close attention to how they're caring for their teeth. Once your child enters their teenage years, they'll probably think that they know it all. And if they've had very few dental problems in the past, they may feel t Learn More