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Want to Increase Fluoride Intake? Keep These Dos and Don’ts in Mind

dental hygiene Many people underestimate the major role that fluoride plays in dental hygiene and in overall oral health. But the truth is, many of the small habits you engage in throughout the day contribute to your oral health, and fluoride intake is no exception. If you're looking to increase your fluoride intake, it's easier than you think. Here are just a few dos and don'ts to keep in mind to improve dental Learn More

Are Your Kids Drinking Sports Drinks? Here’s How You Can Protect Dental Health

dentist As much as sports drinks are harmful to your teeth, researchers found that exposure to energy drinks such as Rockstar, Monster®, and Red Bull® resulted in twice as much enamel loss as exposure to sports drinks such as Powerade®, Gatorade®, and Propel® (3.1% to 1.5%). That being said, sports drinks are often filled with electrolytes that are beneficial during and after a sports game or workout. And Learn More

Don’t Fall for These Misleading Myths About Fluoride

dentists One 2012 study in the Journal of Pediatric Dentistry found that more than 65% of parents using bottled water did not know what levels of fluoride it contained. Knowing this, it's clear to see that both children and adults alike are woefully misinformed about the essential facts of fluoride. Without further ado, let's debunk some of the most misleading facts about how fluoride affects your teeth an Learn More