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Does Chewing Gum Really Have Benefits?

pediatric dentist Gum is definitely one of the top fan-favorites when it comes to candy. From a long-lasting chew to blowing bubbles, it's no wonder why kids love it. But is chewing gum actually bad for you? Or is it true that gum helps keep the bad bacteria away from your teeth? Here, we'll dive into some of the surprising benefits of chewing gum and some of the common myths about this sweet treat. Chewing G Learn More

What Are the Best Summer Foods for Your Child’s Teeth?

pediatric dentist Summer brings along many sugary treats, which can be bad for your children's teeth. It is common knowledge that too much sugar is not suitable for your teeth and overall health because it feeds the bad bacteria in your mouth, which can cause cavities. However, it's not enough to know the bad. You should also find the best summer foods for your child's teeth. In this article, we'll take a look at s Learn More

6 Tips to Help Keep Your Child Calm While at the Dentist

family dentistry Up to 36% of adults in the U.S. get nervous when they visit the dentist's office, and kids are no different. But it's important to remember that good oral hygiene and regular visits to the family dentistry office help to keep cavities and gum disease away. Of course, knowing your child needs to visit the dentist and keeping your child calm during their appointment are two different things. How Learn More