Top Toys for Your Teething Baby

Teething can be a frustrating time for both infants and caregivers. It can be extremely uncomfortable for the infant and difficult for caregivers to see their baby in pain. Teething is an important milestone in an infant’s development and there is no way to completely prevent discomfort. However, teething toys may provide some relief and soothe the child.

Why Use Teething Toys

When a teething infant’s gums become swollen and inflamed, the pressure of gnawing or biting may provide some relief. As they look for relief, an infant may start to reach for unsafe household items to put in their mouth or may begin biting at a caregiver’s hands or fingers. A teething toy is a safer option to help soothe a teething infant.

What to Look for in a Teething Toy

There are many different types of teething toys on the market, and one type is not necessarily better than another. The most important thing to consider when purchasing teething toys is to follow these common safety tips.

 Avoid Teething Jewelry

Teething jewelry worn by the caregiver might seem like a convenient way to provide relief to your infant. However, teething jewelry could potentially pose a choking hazard if the item breaks apart and the small beads come loose.

Choose a Safe Material

Teething toys are commonly made of plastics and silicones. Most toys are made without some of the harmful chemicals that can be in those materials. Make sure any toy you purchase is labeled as BPA-free. You may also look for latex-free toys if your infant has a sensitivity or allergy to latex.

Skip Liquid-Filled Toys

Teething toys that contain liquids or gels pose a potential hazard. Should an infant puncture the outer material, they may ingest the potentially harmful liquid.

Teething toys should be washed and sanitized regularly. Try to pick toys that do not have holes or small openings that could trap water and lead to mold or mildew. If you are using a toy that can be chilled, do not freeze the toy as the hardened surface may further irritate the infant’s gums. It is important to remember to never leave an infant with a teething toy while unsupervised.

Our Recommended Teething Toys

Nuby Stage One Teether: The Nuby Stage One Teether is a great toy for infants just beginning to teethe. It is made from silicone and is 100% BPA-free. The surface has multiple textures to stimulate and soothe gums.

Fridababy Not-Too-Cold-To-Hold Teether: The Fridababy Not-Too-Cold-To-Hold Teether is a multi-sided non-toxic silicone toy that can be chilled and inserted into a handle that stays at room temperature, ensuring that the infant can comfortably hold the teether.

Teetherpop Fillable, Freezable Teether: The teetherpop Fillable, Freezable Teether is a silicone teether that can be filled with liquids, such as water, breast milk, or fruit puree, then frozen.

Itsy Ritzy Teething Mitt: The Itsy Ritzy Teething Mitt is a silicone-tipped cloth mitt that fits snugly over the infant’s hand, which prevents contamination from the toy falling on the ground.

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