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An Orthodontist Will Take Care of Your Child’s Braces. Our Loudoun County Pediatric Dentist Will Take Care of His Teeth.

Your Aldie pediatric dentist plays an important role in his orthodontic treatment. You’ve worked hard to instill in your child the importance of good oral hygiene, and you couldn’t believe he was actually excited when your Loudoun County pediatric dentist suggested he might soon need to join the 80 percent — the 80 percent of American adolescents currently undergoing orthodontic treatment, but he was! And so here you are; his braces are on for the long haul and you’re wondering Learn More

One Mother Chose Pediatric Dental Sedation In Dulles. You Should Too

Pediatric Dental Sedation | Dulles VA Did you know that pediatric dental disease, also referred to as childhood tooth decay, is the #1 chronic childhood illness? Recently, a mother concerned about her child’s physical and mental wellbeing came to me with a dilemma: Her ten-year-old son (We’ll call him Joey.) had multiple cavities that need to be treated. He was in constant pain, she told me. He wouldn’t eat. He couldn’t sleep. But Learn More

Need Emergency Pediatric Dental Care? Call Smilez Pediatric Dental Group Loudoun.

Emergency Dental | Loudoun County pediatric dentist Children run, and they play… and they fall. Sometimes they fall on their faces. And sometimes those falls result in mouth injuries. When mouth injuries occur call Smilez Pediatric Dental Group. Seek medical attention immediately. If you suspect your child’s jaw may be fractured, your first stop should be the local emergency department; otherwise, call Smilez Pediatric Dental Group Loudoun Learn More