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Four Surprising Ways to Help Prevent Cavities

Kids Dentist Aldie VA Cavities happen. The key to making sure they don't, you're well aware, is ensuring that your kids learn and maintain good oral health; this includes regular brushing and flossing, and two visits a year to the pediatric dentist for checkups and cleanings, yes. But there are a few additional things you can do, some of which might surprise you. To help fight cavities, encourage your children to Learn More

How much do you know about your baby’s teeth?

pediatric dental group | Loudoun Human teeth are fascinating, don't you think? They are the hardest human body part, and in fact, pieces of teeth often survive cremation. Like most mammals, we have baby teeth, or what biologists call deciduous teeth. Unlike our biological brethren however, ours don't appear in the mouth at birth. The teeth are growing, but typically don't appear in the mouth for six to twelve months. All About B Learn More

When should I take my baby to the pediatric dentist?

pediatric dental group | Loudoun He’s only six months old; he’s only just gotten his first tooth, and his first twirl in the dentist chair is the last thing on your mind… but maybe it shouldn’t be. If you’re wondering when is the right time to start establishing best oral health practices, the answer is “sooner than you think.” Your baby’s first trip to the dentist should happen before his first birthday. The general rule to fo Learn More