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3 Parenting Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Kids’ Smile

Being a parent can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be very difficult. Everyone raises their children different, which is fine, but there are certainly a few mistakes that you should not implement into your parenting routine. For instance, don't teach your kids to hit because they will hit. Don't break the law in front of them because they will break the law, too. And don't be a horrible pe Learn More

Sports-Related Dental Injury Can Be Prevented

Five leading dental organizations have made a commitment to the mission behind National Facial Protection Month. It is imperative that all individuals, young and old, who participate in contact sports wear protective head gear such as a mouthguard and helmet. Your Dulles VA pediatric dentist specializes in custom-fit mouthguards that will do the work of protecting your child's teeth while never hi Learn More

3 Parenting Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Kids’ Teeth

Perhaps one of the most difficult, yet most important, aspects of parenthood is teaching your kids to take care of their teeth. In a perfect world, your kids would realize how important their dental hygiene is and they would take great care of their teeth at all times. In a perfect world, however, you'd already be a billionaire and your kids wouldn't have to worry about a thing. Since it's not (an Learn More