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Ask Your Dulles Pediatric Dentist: How do I stop my child’s thumb sucking?

"All I want for Christmas is my baby to stop sucking her thumb. It's such a terrible habit. Help me, Smilez Pediatric Dental Group Loudoun. How can I stop the thumb-sucking? —Concerned for my baby's teeth" Dear Concerned, Thumb-sucking is a totally natural and normal behavior in young children. Babies are born with the natural urge to suck — at the breast, on pacifiers, their fingers, thumb, a Learn More

2016 Dental Insurance Benefits Do Expire

Dulles va Dentists who accept insurance 2016 Dental Insurance Benefits: Use or Lose Fall is one of the busiest times of the year for many of us. Children and parents are still adjusting to the new school year, fall sport seasons are winding down and everyone is preparing for Thanksgiving, the holidays and end of the year celebrations. Not to mention mom and dad are still working hard providing for the families. With all this activit Learn More

These Dental Jokes Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

Going to the dentist isn't always fun, and it sure isn't funny to find out that you need braces or to have a cavity filled, but it's not all drills and retractors. Take a break from the humdrum of homework, and sink your teeth into this collection of dental jokes. Where does the dentist get his gas?             At the filling station! Why a Learn More