What Are the Best Summer Foods for Your Child’s Teeth?

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Summer brings along many sugary treats, which can be bad for your children’s teeth. It is common knowledge that too much sugar is not suitable for your teeth and overall health because it feeds the bad bacteria in your mouth, which can cause cavities. However, it’s not enough to know the bad. You should also find the best summer foods for your child’s teeth. In this article, we’ll take a look at some healthy foods that are good for your child’s teeth.

Naturally Sweet Treats

It isn’t easy to separate children from the sweet stuff. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Not all sweet treats are unhealthy. There are several sweet fruits like apples and pears that you can give to your child. These will also provide vitamins and a little scrubbing action for their little teeth.

Softer fruits like bananas, berries, and watermelon are also good for your child. They will satisfy cravings and provide a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. You can also add some yogurt while you are at it. Yogurt has good calcium and Vitamin D content that is very important for strong teeth.


Fruit isn’t the only thing you should be feeding your child this summer. You should also give them a healthy dose of veggies. They are very good for teeth and gums as well. Go for veggies that have fibrous consistency. They increase the amount of saliva produced, which helps clean teeth and give a little bit of brushing action.

Sugar-Free ‘Kool-Aid’

A lot of children are hooked on sugary drinks. Because of that, it might be difficult and depressing to try and tell them no all the time. Apart from that, summer is hot, and drinks are needed to cool down in the summer heat.

The best thing would be to come up with a substitute that your kids might just prefer. You can come up with a recipe to make your own ‘Kool-Aid.’ Some common mixtures contain herbal tea, apple cider vinegar, and natural sweeteners.


Almonds are recommended as some of the best foods for healthy teeth and gums. However, because of their texture and how hard they are, they might be difficult for your child to chew. If you want your child to get the most while protecting their little pearly whites, opt for almond slivers or natural almond butter.

Almonds are rich in protein and calcium. Both of these nutrients are helpful when it comes to strengthening enamel and the jaw bone. Apart from that, they are also low in sugar. Research also shows that almonds can help fight cavity-causing bacteria.

One problem you may run into with your kids is that they are picky eaters. Because of that, you might want to come up with ways to make them more palatable. For instance, you might make some almond and buckwheat pancakes.


Most kids love cheese. Adding a slice of cheddar to your child’s burger will make it a lot better. Dairy foods, including cheese and milk, are loaded with calcium and phosphorus. These are useful for strengthening and protecting enamel. Some scientists also suggest that eating dairy foods lowers your child’s chances of developing gum disease.

Savory Snacks

Giving your child crunchy carrots and celery is a good idea during summer. These foods will not only help scrub teeth, but they will also provide vitamins and minerals. You can get a bit creative with these by mixing and matching with cream cheese to add some extra flavor.

Blender Blast

Summer gives you a perfect chance to showcase your culinary creativity and expand your child’s palate with some delicious smoothies. Grab your child’s favorite fruits and throw them in the blender with a little juice, non-fat yogurt, milk, or honey, and whirl away. You’ll come up with a very healthy and delicious snack that’s good for your child’s teeth. If you run out of recipes, don’t hesitate to go online and look for some homemade smoothie tips that will please any child’s picky palate.

On Tap

Water might not be considered a fun snack or summer food, but it is crucial for the health of your child’s teeth. It’s very important to stay hydrated, but that’s not all. Tap water contains some fluoride, and it can be quite good for tooth enamel.

Summing Up

Whatever you choose to throw on your child’s menu, you also shouldn’t forget to keep up with the usual healthy dental habits. Ensure that your child brushes their teeth after snacking, or have them rinse with water at least. Also, maintain their brushing and flossing schedules. Combine that with regular visits to the pediatric dentist, and you can rest assured your child will keep healthy and strong teeth.