What Common Dental Issues Do Teens Experience?

Maintaining a healthy smile is more than just remembering to brush twice per day, especially when it comes to the smiles of teenagers. Amidst the ups and downs that come with raising a young adult, there are a number of dental changes that will occur at this transitional age. Though many of these oral health issues are the result of poor dental hygiene, far more are the result of factors outside of your teenager’s control.

If you’re one of the many parents raising a young adult, watch out for these common dental issues that might occur in your teenager.

Crooked teeth

As your child turns into a young adult, they might notice their crooked teeth are becoming a health issue. Crooked teeth tend to harbor more bacteria than straight teeth because they’re harder to clean. This might lead to painful consequences including higher numbers of cavities, tooth decay, and even gingivitis. Unfortunately, crooked teeth can also cause a number of physical ailments like a crooked bite and headaches.

Worse yet, crooked teeth might hinder your child’s self-confidence. After all, you can teach your child better cleaning techniques to prevent bacteria build-up from becoming too severe, but teenagers aren’t known for their accepting nature. On top of that, many teenagers place a large amount of their time and energy on their looks. As such, your teenager’s crooked teeth might make them hesitant to smile and interact with others, leading to higher levels of anxiety and stress.

Luckily, braces are a common way to fix this problem. Braces are a popular option at this age since your child has finally developed all their permanent teeth. You can even opt for clear, plastic retainers to adjust tooth alignment in some cases. For more information on braces options for your child, rely on information offered by your local childrens dentists.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth typically come in at the end of your child’s adolescent years, making them a popular issue among teenagers across the globe. Although some people aren’t born with wisdom teeth, the vast majority will have to cope with overcrowding, gum and jaw pain, and headaches as their wisdom teeth start to come in.

This is one of the most important reasons to visit your family dentist regularly. Your pediatric dentist will be able to monitor the growth of these potentially harmful teeth to ensure no issues arise as they come in. After all, many wisdom teeth can even grow in sideways, causing a significant amount of pain. Wisdom teeth also have the potential to damage teeth-correcting procedures, like braces. Ensure your money doesn’t go to waste by relying on local childrens dentiststo monitor the growth of these problematic teeth.

Sports accidents

Whether your child plays soccer, baseball, or football, there’s always a chance that a sudden accident could damage their teeth. Even if your child has been playing for years, the highly competitive world of high school sports has the potential to put any player at risk. But unlike middle school sports and pee-wee leagues, your child’s teeth won’t grow back in high school: if their permanent teeth take on damage, they will likely need significant repairs.

The best way to stop oral health issues from occurring is by encouraging your child to wear a mouthguard when they engage in physical activity. You never know when a sudden fall to a hard floor or a stray elbow to the mouth could damage their teeth. While more than 250,000 pediatric dental sedations are performed each year, this doesn’t mean your child should rely on surgery as their only failsafe. Talk to your teen about the severity of preventing dental harm so they know to stay safe on the field.


Most current adult smokers began this bad habit during high school. While more and more young people know about the dangers of smoking, this doesn’t mean that they won’t try it once or twice.

Oral health issues are apt to arise in smokers because of the terrible ingredients in cigarettes. Of course, you should encourage your child to stop smoking, but addiction can be hard to overcome. If your child smokes and won’t quit, it’s essential to emphasize the need to properly maintain their oral health. Otherwise, they may develop gum disease, lose their teeth, stain their teeth, and experience dulled taste buds. Over time, cancer might even develop as a result of this habit.

These are just some of the dental issues that can arise in your teenager. When you want to ensure their oral health is managed properly, take them to the childrens dentists for the best care. At Smilez Pediatric Dental Group, our childrens dentists have the experience necessary to take care of your whole family. Contact us today for more information about how to prevent common health issues among teenagers.