The World’s First ‘Smart Toothbrush’ Can Improve Dental Hygiene

Smilez Pediatric Dental Associates of Loudoun is always on the lookout for new and upcoming technologies for our practice. We want to let our family, friends and patients know about anything that can help them maintain exceptional dental hygiene.  This new toothbrush is pretty cool; especially for our technically savvy kids and parents. We bet a lot more toothbrush makers will start producing their own Smart Brush.

Here is an excerpt of an article that originally appeared in Dentistry IQ:

“According to the company, the world’s first “smart toothbrush” was developed by Kolibree, and has the potential to change tooth brushing habits of children and adults by motivating individuals to brush better through games (for kids) and coaching (for adults) that guide them toward improved dental hygiene. This article will highlight the features of this new product.

Kolibree technology includes 3-D motion sensors that can identify the area of the mouth in which the user is brushing. These sensors include a gyroscope, accelerometer, and a magnetometer that detect the location and angle of the brush, then analyze data to provide instant feedback to the user. This powerful technology also has the ability to store data, and create a personalized visual “check-up” to show where the user brushed —and missed—over a 7-day period.”

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