7 Common Bad Dental Habits Children Fall Into and How To Avoid Them

pediatric dentistAs a parent, one of the most important things you can do for your child at a young age is reinforce good dental hygiene habits in your children. If you are having a hard time with this, talk to a pediatric dentist to get a better idea of what causes the most damage to your child’s teeth. Here are a few examples of bad habits that children can get into.

  1. Sugary Drinks
    Even though no sugary drink is a good thing, popular energy drinks are markedly worse than sports drinks. Your child can lose over twice as much enamel from energy drinks (3.1%) than sports drinks (1.5%). In fact, energy drinks are pretty much designed for the adult consumer, so it’s best to avoid feeding energy drinks to kids altogether.
  2. Brushing Wrong
    Good brushing habits can be hard to master, but an often overlooked factor is brushing intensity. Not brushing hard enough can lead to plaque accumulation, and brushing too hard can lead to gum and enamel damage. Talk to your pediatric dentist to learn more about proper brushing vigor.
  3. Chewing Hard Food
    Jawbreakers, hard peppermint candy, lollipops, ice, and any number of hard foods could chip a tooth, or at least weaken your children’s teeth over time.
  4. Not Brushing Enough
    This is straightforward. Make sure your kids are brushing at least twice per day.
  5. Failure To Floss
    This might be a bit more difficult to enforce, especially if you don’t floss. Children follow the lead their parents set for them. Floss with your kids for the best result.
  6. Grinding Teeth
    This is hard to stop on your own. Talk to a dentist for children about the potential causes for teeth grinding.
  7. Sucking Thumbs
    Rather unexpectedly, sucking on your thumb forces your front teeth forward over time. If, after your child’s permanent teeth have grown in, they are still sucking their thumb, try to help them stop. If they don’t, they could develop a serious overbite.

If you are invested in your children’s oral health, talk to pediatric dentists in your area to get a better idea of how to help them form the best dental hygiene habits possible.