3 Top Tips to Prepare Your Child for Dental Sedation

pediatricAs dental professionals like those at Smilez Pediatric Dental Group have gained advanced training in the proper ways to employ and monitor the use of pediatric dental sedation, its practice is becoming more widespread. Today, as many as 250,000 pediatric dental sedations are performed each year. That being said, it’s important for parents to understand their role as well when it comes to pediatric dental sedation. Though preparation steps and specific instructions may vary depending on the procedure and type of sedation, many of them have the same underlying effects and purposes. Here are just a few tips to help parents prepare their children for pediatric dental sedation.

Bring a ‘Comfort Item’

Most kids dentists will agree: If it’s your child’s first time undergoing sedation, it often helps to bring their favorite toy or stuffed animal along to sit with them in the waiting room and the dentist chair. This helps to keep the child relaxed and provides the feeling of familiarity. There are numerous other comfort strategies that can provide comfort and relief during the moments before the procedure.

“Parents can help their children stay relaxed by being calm and encouraging, according to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh…Holding the child’s hand and talking or singing gently are other good comfort tactics. Parents should also avoid bringing other children to the appointment so that they can focus their full attention on the child receiving care,” writes Jenny Green on Colgate.

Limit Food and Drink Intake

As is the case with many dental procedures, it’s often best to restrict food and drink the day of the procedure. This helps to prevent any risk of digestion-based complications, the most common being vomiting of the stomach contents which are then inhaled into the lungs. Typically, the patient shouldn’t eat or drink for several hours prior to the procedure.

Follow All Instructions Set By Your Pediatric Dentist

As mentioned, some dental sedation technique require different preparation methods, so it’s always best to follow your pediatric dentist’s guidelines as carefully as possible to ensure maximum safety and minimum risk of complications.

When all is said and done, informing yourself of the best ways to prepare for dental sedation is the key to helping your child through the process and keeping them as calm as possible. For more information about pediatric dental sedation, contact Smilez Pediatric Dental Group.