Tips to Break Your Kids’ Candy Addiction

kids dentist in dullesHalloween is over. You did it! You managed to keep all your children happy, avoided any costume disasters, and actually even enjoyed yourself in the process. But after the treats comes the truly tricky part. Now that you have thousands of pieces of candy safely stashed away around the house, it’s up to you as a parent to not let your kids sugar addiction progress into anything damaging.

If your children let their sweet teeth get the best of them recently, you might want to find a quality kids dentist in Dulles to ensure their dental hygiene is up to par. In order to prevent some of these dental issues, however, you need to focus on getting your children off the sugar addiction.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here are few tips for breaking your kids’ sugar addiction.

Lower their sugar threshold
You can’t just get rid of every piece of candy or every sugary item in your home because your kids will not be happy. Also, they will inevitably find ways to sneak sugar outside the house if you try and make them go cold turkey. If they are that after sugar, they will find it no mater what.

So what’s a responsible parent to do? You have to start slow in order to really make any progress. Try letting them have a piece of candy or two instead of the regular five or six. Also, try cutting back on buying sugary beverages because they often damage your kids’ teeth even more than candy. More than 65% of parents who buy bottled water are unaware of how much fluoride the bottles contains. Water is obviously much more healthy than sugary sodas and juice drinks, so start quietly replacing these sugar cocktails with healthy ice water.

Make homemade desserts that are sugar free
As long as your children are eating desserts, they will likely be happy and satisfied. They don’t have to know sugar isn’t actually inside every piece of dessert you make them. Spend some time online looking up tasty desserts that aren’t as bad for you and your family. If cooking just isn’t in your parenting wheelhouse, there are a lot of fruit based desserts that will also work. If you find certain snacks that are both filling and healthy, consider giving your kids second and third servings so they are too full to even ask for candy.

Talk to family dentists about dental issues
Don’t intentionally terrify your kids, but you should show them at least what will happen if they are always eating candy. Quality pediatric dentists will talk to your kids about the importance of not eating too many sweets in a way they can understand. Find a great kids dentist in Dulles and make sure your children are taking care of their teeth.

And if you’re looking for a post-Halloween kids dentist in Dulles, contact Smilez Pediatric Dental Group today.