3 Drinks with Hidden Dangers to Keep Away From Your Kids

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It’s well-known that sugary drinks and foods can harm your child’s teeth, but what about supposedly healthy options?

Many drinks and foods contain hidden dangers that can hurt your child’s teeth. Steer clear of these “healthy” drinks when you want to ensure your child’s oral health remains strong.

Bottled water

Even though water is great for your body, you should be careful regarding which types of bottled water you buy. Children are particularly sensitive to high levels of fluoride in their toothpastes and drinking water; should your child consume too much, their teeth may suffer as a result.

In fact, it’s estimated that 65% of parents don’t know how much fluoride their bottled water contains. While some fluoride can help strengthen teeth, too much may make them brittle. Always check the fluoride levels before giving bottled water to your child. Otherwise, you might end up searching for childrens dentists.


There are numerous health benefits that are offered by coffee consumption, but this doesn’t mean your child’s body can handle it. Coffee causes tooth staining because of their high levels of acidity. As your child’s tooth enamel wears down, they may encounter sensitive teeth or even chronic pain as a result. With repeated exposure to acidic drinks, your child may even suffer from tooth decay at an early age.

Luckily, few children should be drinking coffee anyway. More often than not, the caffeine isn’t good for growing bodies. If you want to give your child coffee, think again.

Sports drinks

It might be tempting to toss your athletic child a sports drink after a particularly challenging game. Unfortunately, the high levels of acidity can damage your child’s teeth and promote the growth of cavities.

More often than not, water is just as beneficial when it comes to rehydrating your child athlete. Ditch the sugar and acid, and opt for healthy alternatives before you need to visit local pediatric dentists.

Before you offer your child these “healthy” drinks, talk to pediatric dentists in your area about their pros and cons. Smilez Pediatric has an experienced staff of family dentists ready to help you and your children lead a healthier life. Contact us today when you want to talk to top pediatric dentists.